Our Story

Our Story

When we started, remote accounting support was a very unique idea. Back in 2006, no one was doing things online or remote, but RAE has always looked ahead for the most straightforward, logical way to problem solve for ourselves and our clients.

Remote Accounting Experts founding team members
Right to left: CAO Hannah Mauldin, COO Johnny Mauldin, CEO Rachel Mauldin

Rachel Mauldin began Remote Accounting Experts (then Surreality Bookkeeping) in 2006. However, this was not a simple story of industry problem meets lightbulb moment like it is for many entrepreneurs.

This story begins with a crash – a car accident to be exact – that left Rachel in and out of years of intense surgeries, pushing her down a new path toward a novel way of supporting clients and employees to achieve the kind of peace of mind that powers growth and goals.

Rachel Mauldin, Remote Accounting Experts

After the Crash

Rachel’s 35 post-accident surgeries and healing journey challenged her to search outside the box for work that would fuel her purpose, fund her rehabilitation, and create impact for others. With her mobility limited, she could not serve her pre-accident bookkeeping clients in person without constant physical assistance. Rachel decided to use this limitation as an opportunity.

Supported by early clients who refused to trust their businesses’ financial information to anyone else, she structured an independent accounting and bookkeeping service that could serve clients securely and remotely.

Ten years later, Remote Accounting Experts (RAE) has grown beyond that pioneering first vision to a comprehensive, secure accounting, bookkeeping, data entry, tax prep, and advanced business solutions partner to organizations of every entity type and complexity. We now have experts located in three states and two countries, and collaborate with carefully vetted CPA partners in even more locations.

Excellence in What We Do and in How We Do It

Despite our increasing scope, we refuse to become an impersonal, faceless financial partner. We care deeply about every client who we serve and about what unique drivers fuel their ultimate growth goals. That’s also the case with our employees. We’re proud to operate a business – especially one in the financial sector – that gives our experts the freedom to live and work from anywhere, so that they can create lives of purpose and joy.


Does this work? We think so. The proof lies in our glowing 5-star reviews, unparalleled rates of responsiveness, and the authentic relationships we maintain with clients, each other, and our network of CPA partners.

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